Our promise to patients:
High medical impact, responsibly priced drugs

Our audacious mandate

  • Contribute to a more sustainable healthcare system
  • Develop treatments neglected or shelved by other companies
  • Prioritize drug projects with great therapeutic potential vs profit potential
  • Run a thriving business serving the public health

The Commission on Financing a Public Benefit Biotech Industry

This mandate makes Audacity Therapeutics a new type of biotech company, one among an emerging cadre with similar business models. We require an alternative financing system aligned to our purpose. Learn more about the Commission.

Our way

We are a Public Benefit pharmaceutical company.

We seek a new community of people and companies who also want to produce great medicines for our common health and economic welfare.

Our mission requires us to redress each element of contemporary business models to meet our mission — from utilizing strategic financing to alternative distribution channels.

Be complementary, not competitive
  • Advance shelved products that could help some patients, but aren’t being advanced by traditional biopharma companies
  • Repurpose approved drugs for different indications
  • Pick up drug candidates partially developed by academic labs that will not meet venture capital nor large pharmaceutical company interests
  • Be diligent to make our products reliable – we aren’t in a race to be first, but we are in a race to help more patients
  • Collaborate to be smarter and better – everyone wins
Think like engineers
  • Solve medical problems with sensible solutions
  • Be practical, efficient, rigorous and lean
  • Look again at prior studies — what we can learn through today’s lens?
Integrate patients into our work. All steps. All the time.
  • Bring patients and advocates into the lab, not just the lobby
  • Scientists can listen to learn about the disease experience – from the experiencer
  • Patient’s perspectives belong in all conferences with regulators
  • Do “direct to patients” communication about our products – without the hype
Stand up for affordability
  • Premium pricing violates the Hypocratic oath: “do no harm”
  • An impact investment model enables rational pricing
  • Collaborate to create cost effective practices for developing, marketing and delivering our medicines
Be transparent — in everything we do
  • Be an open book scientifically and financially
  • By sharing – whatever the results – our fellow drug developers can learn with us
  • Not competing allows us to be completely transparent
  • Be fearless. Share openly. Trust.
Be transparent in everything we do

“B” Responsible

We are a B Corporation (Public Benefit Corporation), part of a global movement of businesses that balance purpose and profit to grow a “B” economy — with shared and durable prosperity for all. Join us!


Our Team

Barbara Handelin
CoFounder, CEO

David Housman
CoFounder, Director


Sandra Heibel

Patrice P. Rioux


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