Introducing…The Commission on Financing a Public Benefit Biotechnology Industry

The Commission on financing a public benefits biotechnology industry is planning to launch Fall of 2022.

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The cost of capital determines the output of our industry

Companies with Venture Capital backing must PROMISE 15-20X returns on investment within 5-8 years.

Limits the potential drug development to hot markets (oncology) and those that can command high prices (rare diseases).

The output: We only have treatments for 10% of human diseases.

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Public benefits vs. shareholder benefits

If we want companies that are aligned to public benefits vs. shareholder benefits, we need a financing system suited to the objectives and characteristics of the mission/purpose of affordability and diversity of products.

Companies need the latitude to invest in therapeutic, preventative, and diagnostic products at a sustainable cost to our healthcare system while still meeting shareholder expectations. Companies need:

  • Investments for longer term (10+ years), with regularly distributed, modest “bond-like” returns
  • A continuum of capital structures/vehicles that can sustain companies from early to mature stages

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Financing is changing to address the climate crisis, it’s time for financing to change to address the medical crisis

If climate change is transforming today’s financial markets, why isn’t financial innovation meeting our needs for diversified, affordable medicines?

Just as Blackrock can implement new, sweeping, pro-environment policies in which “sustainability is the new standard for investing”, so can our industry establish investment priorities for global, sustainable, affordable pharmaceuticals.

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Process, steps, outcomes:

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Help shape the new financial curve

The Commission’s work will be the foundation of the next generation of biotechnology companies who could save our healthcare economy while delivering more medicines for all of us.

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