Todd J. KeitzCOOtkeitz@audacitytherapeutics.comTodd sees life – all aspects – as a personal growth continuum. As captain of many baseball teams from little league through semi–pro (possibly his favorite jobs ever), head of business development for a pharmaceutical intelligence company or chief executive of his startup company, he has sought growth through keen observation, astute questioning and listening — to understand, rather than respond. No doubt you’ll find this process aided by categorized “to do” lists, which he’s been creating since just out of the womb. Todd’s affinity for organization is complemented by his ability to change on a dime, which comes from over a thousand innings on the pitcher’s mound — where with every pitch some aspect of the strategy shifts. These sensibilities are a perfect fit as COO for Audacity Therapeutics.

After earning a B.S. in Business Administration from Temple University, Todd has chosen to work at the front, ‘pushing’ edges of the evolution of healthcare. Lucky to start with an early innovator HMO (U.S. Healthcare), he then consulted with large pharmaceutical and smaller biopharma companies on being effective within the changing managed care landscape. Most recently, Todd led a technology startup and patented a software process to ease the arduous task of making stock donations to 501(c)(3) organizations — to unlock multi-millions of dollars from which those organizations and people in need could greatly benefit.